Creators Live Branson took place on June 20, 2020 at the Welk Resort Theatre in Branson, Missouri. Are you interested in attending future Creators Live events? Follow @creatorsliveofficial on Instagram for the latest updates. For more information on the Social Distance Tour presented by Creators Live, follow @socialdistancetour on Instagram.


Age Requirements

All ages are welcome to attend our event. Please note:

  • If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parents’ or legal guardian’s permission to attend our event.
  • If you are under the age of 10, you must have a chaperone with you throughout our event.
  • Admission is free for children under 4 years of age, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who purchases admission to our event.


Animal Policy

We do not allow animals or pets of any kind at our event.



We require you to show valid credentials to attend our event. We will provide the credentials to you during the registration process at the event venue. We highly recommend purchasing your credentials online from our website prior to our event. Tickets at the door are subject to availability, and will not be provided if the event sells out beforehand. We will not honor tickets sold from any source other than our own website. During the registration process at the beginning of our event, you must provide the following items in order to receive event lanyards and/or wrist bands:

  • Your confirmation number
  • Your confirmation email
  • Photo identification, such as your school ID, driver license, or identification card with your photo. If you cannot provide photo ID for yourself, then your parent, legal guardian, or chaperone must provide their photo ID.


June 4 Date

If you bought credentials for the original June 4, 2020 date, your credentials will be automatically rescheduled for the new June 20, 2020 date.


Access for Parents, Legal Guardians, and Chaperones

Each parent, legal guardian, and chaperone must purchase a parent pass in order to attend our event with their children.


No-Show Policy

If you purchase credentials to attend our event, but you do not attend our event, you cannot use your credentials to attend one of our future events.


Security Policy

All bags, purses, and backpacks will be searched prior to entry to our event. We recommend that you do not bring any bags with you to our event. If you must bring something with you, we ask that you bring a single, clear-plastic bag, so that you can pass quickly through our bag search. If the venue or our event officials determine that additional security is necessary, the following additional searches might occur:

  • Visual search
  • Inspection of coats and open containers
  • Wand-based search
  • Metal-detector search
  • Pat-downs

We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who attempts to bring to our event any illegal items or other items we deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to report to law enforcement anyone we believe poses a risk to the safety and security of our event.


COVID-19 Information

We will follow Missouri state guidelines regarding COVID-19 mitigation strategies. The state's guidelines align closely with current U.S. guidelines. Specifically:

  • We ask that attendees who feel sick do not attend our event.
  • We will check temperatures at the door. We reserve the right to deny entry to anyone who clearly shows signs of having a fever.
  • We highly recommend that attendees wear face masks during our event.
  • We highly recommend that attendees practice social distancing and maintain at least 6 feet apart from one another during our event.
  • We will follow the building-capacity guidelines set forth by the venue, which also takes into account COVID-19 capacity guidelines. Our online ticket-sales system will automatically indicate that tickets are sold out after we reach capacity.


Code of Conduct

The venue is an active resort hotel with guests who are not necessarily affiliated with our event. We ask our attendees to respect these resort guests by behaving appropriately at all times. The resort reserves the right to ask disruptive attendees to disperse or otherwise leave their establishment.


Event Parking

The venue offers free parking, but this parking is shared with other resort guests. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to park onsite for our event. We recommend that you carpool, take a taxi, or use ride-sharing services, such as Lyft or Uber, for transportation to and from our event.


Resort Amenities

If you book a stay at the venue for the duration of our event, you can take advantage of the resort’s amenities, such as an indoor splash attraction. Please note that these amenities are available only to booked resort guests.



Branson is about a 45-minute drive south from the nearest major airport: Springfield-Branson National Airport (SGF). Another nearby airport, the Branson Airport (BKG), serves regional airlines with local routes and smaller aircraft. We recommend that you use SGF for air travel, because BKG has limited flight availability and serves a smaller geographic area.

Lyft and Uber provide regular trips between SGF and Branson. Branson does not have public bus transit, but does offer Lyft and Uber ride sharing. We recommend that you use ride sharing, or rent a vehicle upon arrival into SGF, for transportation around Branson.


Refund Policy

All sales are final. If you are denied entry to our event, or if you are asked to leave our event, you will not receive a refund. Refunds will be provided only in the case where the entire event is canceled.


For Creators and Press

Please send an email to so that we can contact you regarding availability. If you are a creator, please provide information about your various social-media accounts. If you are a member of the press, please provide information about your press credentials and the publications/blogs your represent.