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For Creators, Managers, and Press

If you are a creator, a manager of creators, or a member of the press, please see the information below.



Please fill out a Creator Application. We take several factors into account when we choose creators to appear at our events. It’s not just a matter of the number of followers you have online. Due to competitive business reasons, we cannot disclose the exact criteria we use for choosing creators to appear at our events. Because we receive a substantial number of creator applications, we cannot reply to each application individually. If we choose you to appear at one of our future events, we'll contact you using the information you provided in your application. Please note: Filling out a Creator Application does not guarantee that you will be chosen to appear at one of our future events.



We thank you for your interest in having your creator(s) featured at one of our future events. Please send an email to so that we can have your information available when we plan future events. Due to the volume of email we receive, we cannot reply to each email individually. If we choose one or more of your creators to appear at one of our future events, we'll contact you using the information you provided in your email.



Please send an email to and provide your contact information and information about your press credentials and/or the publications/blogs/news outlets that you represent. We'll use the information you provide to contact you regarding press-level access to our event. We reserve the right to independently verify the information that we receive. Please note: Impersonating a credentialed member of the press, or providing false information about your press credentials, could result in your being banned from our events.


Future Events

To be among the first people to receive information about our future events, please follow us on Instagram. We use our Instagram account, @creatorsliveofficial, to announce our latest and greatest events. A short while after the initial announcement happens on Instagram, you can learn more about the event by visiting our website.


Past Events

Check out our History page to learn more about our past events. You can discover the venues where the events were held, as well as the creators who appeared at each event. Also, you'll find various photos from those events.